Chicken Duck Miner

Chicken and Duck are broke and you must help them to earn money. Control them se [...]

Catch an apple

This is another fruit game in which you have to collect all the apples. Help thi [...]

Fork it

Get the bread slices with the Fork it game. The happy bread is jumping from all [...]

Doughnut Miner

Dough the doughnut miner loves donuts very much. Help him to collect all types o [...]

Shrewd Boy Room Escape

Shrewd Boy Room Escape is an escape game as you already noticed from the title. [...]

Super Mario Smash

Super Mario Smash: One of Mario's greatest enemies are hiding in the pipes, so y [...]

Beach Buggy Transporter

In Beach Buggy Transporter game you are the buggy driver. Deliver all the beach [...]

Super Sky Climber

In Super Sky Climber game you have to help the cat to reach the top of jumping p [...]

Fun Ride with Flintstones

Fun Ride with Flintstones is one of the best adventure games. Help Fred in the F [...]

Winter Ski Chase

Winter Ski Chase is about an angry bear that is chasing you. Collect the coins w [...]

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